Vinhomes Central Park project with the outstanding advantages of location, structure design, usability, price … since the new launch has created strong rush on the real estate market. The project attracted huge interest from customers and investors. In this article, let us explain why you choose to buy and invest side project to this level.


Vinhomes Central Park are all reputable construction investment

The project consortium Vinhomes Central Park by reputable investment Vingroup built on the center of Ho Chi Minh City. With real estate brand named Vinhomes prestige and reputation of large corporations have ranked become real estate investors most prestigious Vietnam. Owning the reputation tar products, large scale and high quality according to international standards such as Vincom, Vinpearl, Vinhomes Riversite, Vinhomes Times confirmed citys … Vingroup huge impact on the market.


Central Park Vinhomes prime location property

Located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, urban projects Vinhomes Central Park is the construction of technical infrastructure system in sync with the perfect utility services. The project is spread over the Saigon river bank, this is a very favorable position for both road and waterways, making the life of residents is made easy.

Central Park Vinhomes convergence perfect utility services


Urban projects this premium service convergence caste system brings international standards such as International Hospital Vinmec – hospital 5 star hotel of international standard with the system equipment and the most modern physicians have higher qualifications. Vinschool international schools – from grade school system linked to premature mần high school. Downtown Vincom Center – systems and entertainment shopping largest and most modern … When you own an apartment in the project, you will be living in healthy living environment with perfect utility services.

Vinhomes Central Park – Urban ecology class

As one of the real estate brand Vinhomes, the criteria provides a fresh green living space and harmony with nature, investors have focused on constructing system campus surrounded by greenery projects. Investment projects total area of ​​14 hectares for the construction of the park on the Saigon River, the project will actually be an urban area filled with green ecological vitality. With these advantages may be, the project will definitely be a worth living space and fantastic location for residents.

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