The septum is known as a cell wall and especially flexibility, can help you to divide the space in a gentle, unlike the walls stocky and hard to change.

Septum often used in offices to prevent the workspace in different parts. But today, bulkhead not only widely used in offices, but applying them in the housing space also received a lot of support.

The type of design partitions in apartments

Bulkhead is currently divided into several types with many different materials. In the small apartment beautiful design often use these types of partitions, such as drywall, wood paneling, glass partitions, decorative bulkhead …


Drywall non-decorative, but it works quite large in the distribution space in the room. Characterization of the drywall is lightweight (only 12% of the weight of the walls), capable soundproofing, dehumidifying, fire protection and ease of construction. Can decorate and design drywall with different kinds of colors adorned the house. Add to that the fact that drywall relatively cheap price compared to other types of building materials is quite large and has also contributed in reducing environmental pollution.


Wood paneling

Wood paneling with high decorative, brings new, luxury homes make up a wide-open spaces and polite with unique textures, subtle. The current type of wood paneling is very diverse with many different styles, can be a baffle plate or simply the price of, wooden shelves can become a unique array bulkhead space for apartments.


Glass partition

Glass partition usually made from glass thickness and sound insulation, fire resistance. For extra decoration, glass partitions are more points of different texture pattern (vignette glass partition).


The biggest advantage of the glass partition is the ability for the light to pass through and can prevent wind and dust. In addition, for small spaces, the glass partition also works to expand the space with light reflection and provides a feeling of home look larger but still ensure privacy elements in 2 space different .

Baffle curtains, trees


Some decorations are also used for partition walls can be listed as penthouses or the greenery. These cars should only be used for small living spaces, narrow. Septum from blinds or trees not only create a space separated but not how, but also can become poetic accents for your home.

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