Economy grows, the demand for housing also increased accordingly. However, not everyone has the financial ability to choose to buy a house like that. Therefore, the use of solutions housing loans have been many families choose.

The needs of shelter residents increasing, the investors and banks linked to support home buyers loans at preferential interest rates. This is a very good stepping stone to families with limited ability to financially be able to own a home for themselves like that. However, before you decide to choose this option, you learn carefully the policies and regulations in order to avoid falling into the trap of financing.


Preferential lending interest rate is not the real interest rate

Currently, the link between the investor and the banks have become very popular and is applied in most real estate projects. With the regime and greater incentives, the bank fully capable of attracting borrowers with very low interest rates and the value of prizes. These are factors that customers are attracted and fall into the trap of borrowing money interest “virtual” banks.


You need to learn carefully and clearly read the policies before you put pen to paper to borrow money, some banks apply the form of low-interest loans, but only applied during the incentive not to apply in full time guest loan period. After a grace period, lending rates will return to the original value. And this will make many people afflicted with a relatively high amount monthly interest payment (from 12-15% / year).

Call the borrower bindings scary

When deciding on a bank loan, you will have to determine that the bank will apply the provisions of its own policies for customers. You need to learn skills to avoid this problem entangled in case you fined by reasons such as pre-term loan payments, pay later loan, borrower does not comply with the contract … It can be seen that some banks are now there are incentive programs for customers as mortgages. However, you could very well take an extra service fees payable. So, this fee is a problem you need to consider when deciding on a loan.


If you and your family intend to choose the form of buying this house, be very careful to consider the problems that may occur in the future because the interest rate is the interest rate incentives only for a short time. Choose a crouched a smart solution to avoid these risks regrettable. Wishing you and your family will choose the right direction and ownership is the ideal house.

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