In the current state of the capital residents on the increase every year, everyone wants to hang on in the land of the modern capital city and busy, finding a place to settle is always a top demand of urban residents. Because of this need, many investors have carried out the construction of multi-apartment project segment to meet the needs of modern living residents object.

Day one condo project is “springing” up in urban areas, but this time there is a problem that’s posed financial problems for condominium buyers. The residents object office, trade, business segment midrange always wanted to find a place to live at a reasonable cost. Selection of luxury apartments is not enough money, choose cheap apartment then worry not fully meet the utility and quality of the work … Many people wish only 600 million can buy a house quality. Is the demand there condominium project that could meet?

Let Homeland analyze and provide some best plan for your home through the article below.

Option to purchase the property west

West Properties is currently being extended by the central land is shrinking, the West also known as potential real estate sector has been developed from the years 2007-2009.

The fact of the end of 2014, the real estate market has also recorded many condominium projects with good sales results, although only ongoing construction. Especially with a pretty good price, apartment projects typical western region is receiving massive support of the users have to mention:

Condo Linh Dam


Condo project Linh Dam new urban area located in Linh Dam area – Hoang Mai district. It is considered the gateway to the capital, linking the inner city to the suburbs to the provinces.

Linh Dam urban area is still in the plans is public housing planning. With the launch of a series of apartment buildings as VP5, VP6 Linh Dam, HH1, HH2, HH3, Qh4 Linh Dam … has met thousands of households in and out of the city with the goal of providing about 7,200 apartments the real estate market.

With flexible design from 45-82m2 same reasonable price from 13-17 million ultra / m2 (including VAT). So with about 600 million, entirely home buyers can buy condominiums Linh Dam. Add to that the investor is a company Lai Chau Construction No.1 prestigious project quality assurance project makes it the object attracted many residents.

The Vesta apartment Phu Lam Ha Dong


This is a social housing project (NOXH) have extremely low rates reserved for low-income people with prices ranging from 13.5 to 14 million / m2 (including VAT + furniture) with an area of 48 -68m2. The project is very popular by prestigious investors Hai Phat Group as well as the loan package 30.000 billion disbursement by the State before 06/01/2016.

Condo Kim Van Kim Flood


Kim Van Kim Lu apartment or condominium Golden Silk is an investor company Laizhou XD Number 1 started construction since 2012. At that rate ranged from 10 to 14.5 million only. But now, the project has raised rates from 17.7 to 21 million average price / m2.

There’s also a lot of projects with low price comes quality of works well for home buyers refer to as Thanh Ha Cecico 5 – Thanh Tri (9-10 million / m2), apartment Dai Qing (14-14 , 3 million / m2), apartment West Bay Residence – Ecopark (688 million / unit).

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