Homeland is known to be a professional lease of luxury apartments in Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City. We currently have products leading luxury apartments in the districts of Hanoi – HCMC. The apartments are designed in a modern European style light, layout reasonable bedrooms and furnishing. Our company has all the information about the apartment building, location, price and professional staff of the company will introduce and advise our customers to select the product apartment rent and buy the most suitable for the needs of our customers lives.


Based on a solid foundation in the field of research, providing online solutions, combined with the experience and the strength of the real estate media, Homeland has released Service Broker rental apartments.

Our services are provided mainly in Ha Noi – Ho. HCM, focusing on segmentation and classification of office buildings and private homes for rent as offices. Main activities of the service include:

– Consulting for rent and looking for products to lease real estate at the request of customers.

– Distribution of products should leased to organizations and individuals with the Real Estate Rental.

– We are completely free of charge consulting services, brokerage for clients wishing to rent office and is committed to bringing the highest satisfaction to our customers.

– Promotional packages 01 Feng Shui Consultant office for contracts worth more than 30 million and more than 3 years time.

With the dedication and professionalism of the team of professional brokers, the diversity in the number and quality of the real estate leasing, Homeland hope to meet all requirements of customers quickly, efficiency and the highest economic value.

Hotline 24/7: 1900 7179